Wastewater treatment chemical programs

Comprehensive chemical programs to keep your effluent treatment reliable, compliant and cost-effective
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As wastewater discharge standards tighten and the demand for water reuse increases, the need for sustainable and high-performance effluent treatment is growing. We rely on strong expertise in water chemistry and technologies to design our range of Hydrex® chemical solutions and help meet this challenge. 




Helping  industries and municipalities manage wastewater and sludge treatment requires a clear understanding of the mechanical, operational and chemical aspects of the processes involved. A key part of our portfolio, Hydrex chemical solutions leverage an unparalleled knowledge of water and combine a comprehensive range of specialty chemicals, equipment, real-time monitoring tools and services to consistently meet the highest requirements.

Defining the most appropriate chemical treatment program starts with a site review and risk assessment of the:



Design of the treatment assets.


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Position of the chemical injection points.


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Parameters of the inlet water (quality, variability, various production streams, etc.)


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Industrial process water quality (for chemical dilutions, solutions preparation,etc.)


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Applicable wastewater discharge standards.

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Operating conditions.



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Manpower dedicated to plant operation.





Cost of sludge treatment and disposal.


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Water reuse needs.

After chemical treatment validation and sizing through our lab-testing and performance calculators, programs are implemented together with the relevant feed equipment and sensors, as well as with Hydrex real-time monitoring tools and our Hubgrade digital services for enhanced control.  

We stay at your side to secure your wastewater treatment in the long run, offering services such as:

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Constant performance follow-up (KPIs, critical operating windows, compliance).



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On-site support for troubleshooting, further analysis, lab trials and specific procedures.



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Consulting for further optimization and  savings on total cost of operation by exploiting synergies between chemistry and water treatment assets.

Hydrex programs for wastewater treatment:

Esses produtos orgânicos da Série Hydrex 6000 são mais ecológicos e permitem diminuir o uso de produtos químicos convencionais para o mesmo desempenho de tratamento.

Case study

Meeting our clients' performance and compliance challenges

A wood manufacturing company in Denmark was experiencing such a limited performance of the chemical treatment of their wastewater that they were not reaching the discharge standards of the country for arsenic. They were also generating high volumes of sludge and incurring high costs to dispose of it. 

Lab-testing and jar-tests were run to test Hydrex coagulants, which then led to a two-month, full-scale testing to successfully prove the performance of the program

Since implementing the Hydrex wastewater chemical program, results show:

  • A 70% reduction in sludge generated.
  • Approximately 250,000€ of annual savings on their global wastewater treatment cost.  
  • Full compliance with legislation in place, including arsenic levels.